The impact of our therapeutic foods has increased exponentially since we started manufacturing them in 2009. Watch this short animation to get an idea of our rapid expansion.

Each carton contains enough sachets to feed one child for one month – sufficient to save a life.

Find out the equivalent nutrition for each meal here.

The past year in numbers

Diva embraces the Millennium development goals by establishing good jobs and reducing inequalities as well as contributing to growth in the economy. These goals have formed part of our core business. The company empowers small businesses in the area who are now either part of the supply chain of the company or manufacturing facilities. We also supply technical support.

Management embraces the BBBEE (Broad based black economic empowerment) initiatives of the Department of Trade and Industry, to promote economic transformation and to enable meaningful participation of black people in the economy. Diva has a policy of preferential procurement and to strengthen local procurement where possible to help South Africa’s industrial base. In the spirit of BBBEE we actively support black owned businesses, by focusing on enterprise and supplier development and contributing to these entities.

Through technical assistance, Diva has established a Therapeutic Food factory in Lagos, Nigeria. A joint venture was established between Diva and DABS and a RUF facility in Nigeria was born. The facility was audited in 2016 and is now in the process of manufacturing. DABS is well positioned to service the programmatic country of Nigeria.