Michelle Mokhuane

Hygiene Monitor


Family. That’s what I’ve discovered here at Diva…It’s basically a family-orientated business. Because we spend most of our time here, we literally feel like a family.

It’s been an amazing experience working here, because you come across a lot of people with a lot of different backgrounds, attitudes, tempers, and having to deal with it on a daily basis it’s actually how we also learn to grow. That’s how I’ve come to see Diva as family and I’ve also seen Diva as a learning experience – it’s helped me become who I am today, how to work with people from different areas, from different color groups. It’s been great.

The Team

At present Diva employs 185 permanent staff with the majority being in production and stores. We have support staff in Quality, Hygiene and administration. Our management team is very versatile and head up their own departments as well as backing up the Managers in other areas. Diva employs the majority of staff from our local area within walking distance to work. Contract staff are employed for emergency orders to increase production capacities. Diva is committed to skills development and focuses on upskilling our staff with learning interventions. We identify gaps in our staff’s training needs and co-operate with skills service providers to allow our staff to receive skills and in-service training. We also invest in people in our area by offering learnership training for unemployed learners via a local academy in Cape Town. Staff are also encouraging to study further to develop additional skills and we focus on internal training projects as well.

Diva supports over 1000 people who are financially dependent on the salaries of our staff. Further we have a network of outsourced functions which creates employment for an additional 650 people through our supply chain, by supplying services to us.


I feel like I’m part of saving people’s lives, and that’s very important to me. I wanted to at least do something that will help others.

It’s a blessing to work at Diva. I wanted to do something for the country. I found out that Diva is manufacturing products to help children with malnutrition and is exporting to countries that are experiencing war and such things. So working here at Diva I am ensuring that we are producing quality food for those kids who don’t get food.

Shaun Mpondwana

Quality Controller


There are currently no vacancies.

Landezwa Daweti



We stay here in the informal settlement, and the shacks burn two or three times a year, it depends how lucky we are, and if our members are involved, Diva helps them to rebuild their shacks. It’s a family company, I feel part of the family.

Here at Diva we have a song, like a national anthem for Diva. It started long time ago when we used to have braais…Our director fell in love with the song, so now even if someone passes away, we sing that song at the funeral. It’s “Never Give Up”, we always sing that song.