Our Production Staff

Supervisor Hilton Kallis and team,Supervisor Thobani Nondwayi and team, Supervisor Landezwa Daweti and her team, Supervisor Riyaadh Pagel and Team,Supervisor Marlon Williams and team.



It’s nice to know that you are producing something, a food product for severely malnourished children. It’s not just a regular job, there’s a lot more to it than that.

If there’s a problem at the factory any time of night, it’s not an issue to get out of bed and come and sort it out. They can call me out any time, and it’s not an issue.

Ryan Munnik

Maintenance Manager

Peter Q

Quality Controller


Diva is like a family to me. In my opinion it is like growing up in a family. I have grown so much over the years and I always enjoy being challenged.


There are currently no vacancies.


If it wasn’t for Diva, I don’t know where I would be. They really take care of people, like in a family. I don’t know how many other companies would do this. For me Diva is a fantastic company.

For example, I was sick, I had a stroke and was attacked when going back home. I was in hospital and Diva never made it a problem. They really understood me and were very compassionate with me. I got paid for that time, I never lost my job, though I was in hospital for two months. They really took care of me.

Matt Mutayo

Quality Controller